With Coronavirus (COVID-19) changing our way of life as we know it, adjustments need to be made to deal with the evolving situation. To reduce the spread of the virus among the community it might be time to re-evaluate your cleaning procedures at home and in your business.

Contaminated objects and surfaces can be important in the transmission of disease. Your regular cleaning regime may no longer be enough to stop the spread of Coronavirus from surfaces. More attention needs to be paid to sanitising your home and workspace.

Considering the following:

  • Increase the frequency of your cleaning, using anti-bacterial solutions;
  •  Make sure you have enough soap, disinfectant and hand sanitiser on hand;
  • Disinfect work areas daily and encourage more frequent hand washing; and
  • Considering hiring a professional cleaning company for a thorough clean.


Cleaning FAQs

What’s the difference between cleaning and disinfection?
Cleaning is the physical removal of dirt and other matter from surfaces, while disinfection uses chemicals to kill germs on surfaces.

How long will COVID-19 survive on surfaces?
This is not clear yet. If it is similar to other viruses, it could survive for several days. How long it survives could depend on temperature, humidity and what the surface is made of.

What surfaces should I keep clean?
Hands are often responsible for transferring pathogens, so objects and surfaces that are frequently touched are at greatest risk of being contaminated. This may include fridge doors, cupboards, remotes, taps and door handles. Shared mobile devices such as phones and iPads and keys could also be a source of contamination. If someone is coughing and sneezing other surfaces may be affected.


Bennett Cleaning Services are one of the lucky businesses still operating in this challenging time. If you need assistance with cleaning during this time, we are here to help. Our staff are all trained in infectious treatment and we use the very best anti-bacterial/microbial solutions. We have plenty in stock at hand, both in the north and south of Tasmania, our full complement of staff and equipment are ready to take on any cleaning task that you may require. Keeping your home and workplace clean, means you are doing your bit to slow the spread of the Coronavirus –  by keeping safe people that come in contact with those areas.


Contact us for a competitive quotation on your cleaning needs. Stay safe and healthy during this period of uncertainty.


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