Professional Rug & Mat Cleaners

Premier Five Star Carpet Care are experts when it comes to cleaning all types of rugs and mats in Launceston, Hobart and across Tasmania.

We use special techniques to remove stains, dust mites, allergens and soil to clean and refresh your carpets and rugs in your home.

Using the latest cleaning products and technology, we give special attention and handle carpets with special care by conducting thorough inspection and analysis prior to treatment and cleaning.

 Cleaning rugs on your own can work fine, but sometimes the use of a vacuum, washing and brushing is not enough and will not fully remove the toughest stains on the rug.

Sometimes this can even do more harm than good by leaving delicate rugs or mats damaged and frayed.  Some rugs, mats and carpets are made from delicate fibres that only experts know how to handle properly. 


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brown l-shaped couch on a fluffy grey rug

Professional rug cleaning

Before we do any cleaning we always inspect rugs and decide the best way to approach it based on what type of rug and what materials it is made from. We pay attention particularly to areas where there is high traffic to determine what type of solution will be used in order to remove stains. We use the same hot water extraction technique with carpets and rugs to give it a fresher, cleaner and newer look.

We know that rugs play an important role inside the home because a beautiful rug adds life, colour, and character to the home interior. Some rugs may not be imported from Persia, but we still treat every rug with care and respect. It’s important for us that we preserve your investment.

brown rug being steam cleaned
red spot stain on carpet being sprayed with a bottle and cleaned

Quality guarantee

Clean rugs and mats can keep your entire household in good health. Rugs also act as filters for homes, trapping dirt, allergens, bacteria etc. To prevent these unhealthy elements, we are here to eliminate them in the most effective way.

When carpets and rugs are cleaned regularly, you don’t need to worry about any of these problems occurring in your home.

Premier Five Star Carpet Care is a team of passionate people serving families and homes in Tasmania. We only use harmless, non-toxic and environmental-friendly products.

Trust Premier Five Star Carpet Care for your upholstery, carpet and rug cleaning services whether at home or in the office and feel secure in our quality guarantee.

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