Pets are a rewarding part of life, but it can become a challenge when it comes to keeping your carpet clean. Even trained pets can have ‘accidents’ that can leave your carpet stained and smelly and, if left untreated, can create permanent damage to the carpet and underlying structures.

There are many pet friendly carpets to consider when installing new, but if you have existing carpet and furry friends, how do you keep your carpet clean?

Here are some tips to minimise your pet’s wear and tear on your carpet:

Use door mats at entrances to catch excess dirt and debris your pets may bring in from outside

You will be amazed at how much dirt and debris your pets can bring into your home – especially during winter with those wet and muddy paw prints! Door mats can help catch dirt and debris from outside, minimising the accumulation of dirt in your carpet.



Keep your pet’s nails trimmed to minimise impact on carpet

It is easy to imagine how long nails can scratch hard floor surfaces, but did you know long nails can also get hooked on your carpet and cause damage the fibres? Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed will help prevent this kind of damage.


Use carpet protector to minimise damage from stains

Using a rug and carpet protector agent on your carpet will help to lessen stains from penetrating into the carpet fibres. A one-time application is a good start, but how often should you re-apply? Premier Five Star Carpet recommend you re-apply your rug and carpet protector agent after every professional clean or every six months, which ever happens first. High use areas may need it applied more often.


Clean up any pet ‘accidents’ as soon as possible

Pad dry urine stains with paper towel by pressing firmly into the carpet or stand on the towel for extra pressure to absorb as much of the liquid as possible.

For more dramatic damage from pet vomit or faeces, remove excess matter with a plastic scraper, spoon or blunt knife and then blot the spill with paper towel or cloth to absorb the excess moisture. Rubbing the stain is not advised, as it can force the substance deeper into the carpet causing the fibres to fray.


TIP: If your pet seems to be having smelly accidents all too often, consider changing the food you are giving them, they may be having a reaction to that particular brand of pet food.


Steam clean your carpets

For harder to remove stains and general carpet maintenance, contact Premier Five Star Carpet Care for a professional carpet clean. We are trained and passionate carpet cleaners who know how to make your carpet look like new. With our unique methods of cleaning, we can make sure your carpet stays free of pet related stains and odours.


Need a quote for a regular carpet cleaning service? Contact our friendly team at Premier Five Star Carpet Care, for a competitive price for your carpet cleaning.