It makes good business sense to have a clean office. Why? We’ve outlined a few important points below.

Good for your health

Having a clean floor means less bacteria harbouring under your feet.

These germs can directly affect the health of your employees. If your employees are feeling unwell at work, it will affect their productivity. A clean floor means potentially less sick days off for them and a more productive workplace for your business.

Premier Five Star Carpet Care care about the environment. We use environmentally-safe cleaning products, which are safe for the environment and for your employee’s health.


Brand image

First impressions are important. A clean place of business is imperative to the confidence and comfort of your customers, suppliers, partners and anyone else visiting your premises.



Dirt damages floors

The longer dirt is on your floor the more likely it will cause permanent damage to surfaces due to either scuffing and scratching or damage to rug or carpet fibres. If corrosive material is being used in your workplace there is potential for floor damage from these materials if a spill is not cleaned up effectively.


Premier Five Star Carpet offers statewide cleaning services 7 days a week.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products that will keep your floor clean from scuffs, stains and dirt and make it shine like new.

We have thirty five years experience in the cleaning business so we know how to work efficiently and effectively which enables us to give you a professional and  affordable cleaning service.

Contact us now to arrange a free carpet cleaning quote! With our cleaning techniques, equipment and highly-trained staff, we will help you maintain your work floors, carpets and furniture to extend their life and create a positive image for your company.