You know how much a clean home makes you feel better and a clean workspace is no different. Working in a clean and tidy environment leads to higher employee morale – and, this equates to increased productivity. We’ve outlined a few important points below as to why a clean workspace increases employee productivity.


Less clutter, less distractions

A Harvard study on students showed that in an uncluttered environment they were able to concentrate steadily for 7.5 minutes longer than those working in a messy environment. A clean office, means increased focus for longer, improving employee productivity for your business.


office workers bumping fistsImproved morale

A stressed employee will not be working to their potential. A messy work environment will increase work stress by making employees feel overwhelmed and disorganised. A clean workspace means your employees can feel proud of the place they work, boosting their morale. A clean office space will also leave a lasting impression on your customers and projects a professional brand image.



sick person in bedFewer sick days

A dirty work place is a health and safety issue. General dirt and toxic substances can have a negative effect on your employee’s health. In addition to this toxic load, did you know that viruses and bacteria can survive on surfaces for 24 hours or more? For example, an office keyboard can harbour up to 7,500 bacteria at one time. An unclean workspace will increase the risk of spreading illness among your employees. A regularly cleaned workspace means less transmission of disease, less absenteeism and therefore, increased employee productivity.


Professional cleaning service for your business

Bennett Cleaning Services has over thirty years in the cleaning business. We use non-toxic, low-irritant eco-products to keep your workspace clean. A regular professional clean improves the longevity of floors and furniture, reducing the need for expensive replacements due to damage from ingrained dirt.

Remember, a clean workspace is a productive workspace. Contact Bennett Cleaning Services today for a competitive quote for a regular cleaning service for your business.

We offer a state-wide service, 7 days a week with cleaners in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport on a daily basis. Send us a message or phone 0400 968 140 or 03 6393 7719 to book.