Commercial Carpet Cleaning Devonport

Do you require the professional services of a commercial carpet cleaning company in Devonport? Look no further than Premier Five Star Carpet Care. Whether it’s your store, office, school, factory, hospital, or any other commercial space, you can count on our carpet cleaning specialists to leave your carpets looking, feeling, and smelling fresh.

We’re dedicated to providing safe services, using environmentally friendly chemicals to effectively clean your carpets, ridding them of harmful bacteria and particles so that they’re safe to be used by you and your employees, clients, visitors, or students.


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Quality Commercial Carpet Care

Our services can’t be beaten. No job is too big or too small, with our team able to clean large open areas, or small single rooms. Every job our team is given they make sure to give 100%, employing the best techniques to get incredible results every time.

Maintaining the look and feel of your carpets is important in your workplace and business, as it can affect the outward presentation of your company, as well as affect the health of those who visit or work at your premises.

Get your carpets taken care of by the reputable and highly experienced carpet cleaning team at Premier. We also offer quality floor cleaning services, with our team qualified to effectively clean and dry all hardwood, lino/vinyl, and tile flooring.

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Devonport Office Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Our Devonport commercial carpet cleaning service makes professional spaces look great, and helps to maintain a healthier environment for all. Using environmentally-safe cleaning supplies and the leading industry tools and technology, our expert carpet cleaners bring the floors in your interior areas up a whole new level. Even the oldest or most dirtied carpets can be properly taken care of and thoroughly cleaned, thanks to the finesse and skill provided by the Premier Five Star team.

Why Choose 5 Star?

Our carpet cleaning specialists are true professionals. Having been in the business for more than 15 years, we’ve learned the best techniques and approaches to identify and apply unique treatments to all kinds of carpets in commercial spaces.

What makes us better than our competitors in the carpet cleaning industry? We provide:

  • Quick-drying techniques let your furniture be placed back on furniture, and you to get back to your business operations and tasks
  • Modern carpet cleaning technology combined with industry-leading techniques
  • Effective removal of grit, stains, and bacteria without a chemical residue leftover
  • Odour removal
  • We can eliminate tough stains and dark patches
  • Friendly, helpful and accommodating services
  • Highly competitive rates

Whether you have had food or beverages spilled, or simply noticed your carpet quality and colour deteriorate over time with regular wear and tear, leave it to our Devonport commercial carpet cleaners to breathe new life into your space.

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