Carpet Cleaning Tasmania

It feels good to come home to a clean carpet. Is your carpet picking up stains or odours?

Carpets go through a lot every day, dust and dirt accumulate over time causing them to look old and dirty.

Sometimes when stains build up over time or you run into a major accident (red wine anybody?), it’s tempting to purchase a new carpet to replace the old one but new carpets don’t come cheap.

So, instead of living with a dirty carpet, give us a call and have yours cleaned by the experts!


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Service to make you smile

Premier Five Star Carpet Care is committed to delivering the best care for your carpet and  keeping your home beautiful.

Some health hazards come from carpets due to moulds and bacteria that have had a chance to grow over time. Professional carpet cleaning can get rid of anything your carpet has in it’s fibers helping to avoid such illnesses and health problems by eliminating the cause.

Home carpet cleaning

We provide the best home floor and carpet cleaning to maintain and preserve your investment and to protect you and your family’s health.

At Premier Five Star Carpet Care we specialise in home carpet cleaning and have been trusted Tasmanian carpet cleaners since 2006. Our team of professional cleaners can work wonders on the toughest jobs including removal of stains, spills, dirt and hair. Not only can we  leave your carpet looking brand new, but our deep cleaning services include home rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning for your furniture with the aid of the latest equipment in cleaning done only by highly-trained technicians.


There are many benefits to having your carpets regularly cleaned and ensuring they’re maintained.

  • Extend the lifetime of your carpets & save money from replacing carpet
  • Improve the visual appearance of carpets
  • Remove harsh stains and unpleasant odours
  • Remove harmful bacteria and protect the health of you and those around you

Tasmanians choose Premier Five Star Carpet Care to look after their carpets because of our reputation for quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and commitment to the health and safety of residents of Tasmania.


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Our Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Inspection of Your Carpets

Our skilled Tasmanian carpet cleaners will look at your carpets carefully and identify the materials it’s made of, synthetic fibre, or natural fibre. They will also make a note of any problem areas, such as high-traffic areas or dark stains that might require extra attention or time.


2. Clean & Deodorise

We use a highly effective hot water extraction technique that gives a greater appearance of freshness by deeply cleaning the fibres and lifting all the dirt and grit buried deep within. 

 You will be surprised by the amount of dirt and dust we can extract from even those carpets that “look clean” to the untrained eye. Our fast-drying technique means carpets are quickly ready to be walked upon after our visit. We take care of bad smells too, deodorising carpets to leave them with a fresh and pleasant scent, helping your carpets remain a lovely feature of your home until it’s time for them to be cleaned again.

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