First impressions are important. A clean place of business is important to your brand image. A clean workplace boosts the confidence and comfort of your customers, suppliers, partners and anyone else visiting your premises. There are other important benefits too, read on to find out why you should hire a professional cleaning service for your business.

1. Boost productivity and moral of employees

A clean workspace is a happy workspace. Studies show that employees are much more productive in a clean work environment.



2. Prevent the spread of disease – fewer sick days

A dirty floor and other surfaces can harbour many pathogens that can make your employees feel unwell. A professionally cleaned floor will provide a cleaner workspace for your employees, this will help prevent the spread of disease through dirty surfaces and potentially reduce the amount of productive days lost from employees being sick.



3. Long term cost savings for your business

Hiring our professional cleaning service will means that:

  • your staff can stay productive and not use their valuable time cleaning.
  • the floor will last longer, reducing the need for expensive replacements due to damage from deeply ingrained dirt.



4. We are efficient in what we do

Bennett Cleaning Services has the expertise and experience in cleaning all sorts of different flooring surfaces. For example, your floor may require specialist treatment such as polishing, buffing, stripping or waxing to make it shine. We have thirty-five years in the cleaning business and we know what we are doing when it comes to making your floor look like new.


5. Quality products, right equipment

Your workspace floor (depending on your type of business) can have tough stains that only a professional clean can remove. Our cleaning products are incredibly effective, low-irritant and eco-friendly. Beware of cheaper, store bought products as they can be highly toxic. A professional clean from Bennett Cleaning Services will mean no toxic chemicals will be used to keep your workspace floor clean.


Need a quote for a regular floor cleaning service for your business? Contact our friendly team at Bennett Cleaning Services for a competitive price for your floor cleaning.